Muslims Relieved Extremist Hutaree Drew Inspiration from Christianity not Islam

Posted on March 30, 2010


EP: Adrian, Michigan – American Muslim groups around the country are breathing a sigh of relief after learning an extremist religious group from Michigan that planned to kill local law enforcement has no links to Islam or Muslims.  “While its a little awkward to celebrate, I would be lying if I said I didn’t high-five my co-workers when we heard who was behind this” said Yusuf Aziz, a press officer who works at the Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim American organization in the country. “I mean, take a look at the mug shots – those are some real pasty looking white people. This a buzz-cut-or-mullet crowd, there is no mistaking these guys for Muslims.”

Nine members of the Christian militia group Hutaree were arrested for planning to kill law enforcement officers. Muslims are confident there is no way they can be linked to Islam.

Nine members of the group were arrested in connection with the plan that included murdering an unidentified officer and attacking the subsequent funeral procession with improvised explosive devices. The ultimate goal of the apocalyptic Christian group was to spark a rebellion against the Anti-Christ, who they believe has partnered with the government.

“If you were to tell me you just heard a story on the news that involved the following: bombs, a plot to kill Americans, a group of crazed religious nut-jobs and an FBI sting operation,  I would have bet Muslims had something to do with it” explained Abdul Hafeez Khan, an Imam at a local mosque in Michigan. “But in this case there was absolutely no connection to Islam in any way whatsoever. I was kind of holding my breath waiting for one of them to have the middle name ‘Hussein’ or something like that, but really there was no connection. Who would have thought?”

The Muslim community’s foremost advocacy group, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), had little to say about the event. “Nothing to complain about on this one” said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the organization, “they are even calling these guys a Christian militia which is kind of a double edged sword for us. On the one hand its nice to see some other faith pay its dues in the media, but at the same time I have this great talking point about how whenever a Muslim does something bad we call it ‘Islamic’ violence but when a Christian or Jew does something bad its just violence. Now I can’t use that anymore.”

Even long-time Islam critic Daniel Pipes does not believe there is a credible link between the Hutaree and Muslim extremist groups. “Radical Islam has effectively spread its message across the United States for years. However, it was never successful with the trailer park demographic – I don’t think there is an Islam connection here.”

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