Al-Qaeda Operative Says Ground Zero Mosque “Terrible” Location for Recruitment

Posted on August 16, 2010


EP: NYC- In the swirl of controversy surrounding the so-called Ground Zero Mosque in New York City, another voice is raising eyebrows. A high-ranking Al-Qaeda operative, Abul Himar, spoke with reporters about the $100 million Park51 community center/mosque proposed for development a few blocks from the former world trade center site. “I couldn’t think of a worse place to recruit potential terrorists” said Himar from his upper-west side hideout while polishing a newly smuggled M-16 rifle.  “I mean think of the scrutiny surrounding that place. I would expect there to be more FBI and CIA agents attending prayers than disaffected Muslim youth. I mean really, how stupid do these people think we are?” Himar pondered the logistical difficulties associated with the NYC mosque. “How can we possibly setup monkey bars for our training videos in a place like downtown Manhattan? Are we suppose to be doing leveraged buy-outs or are we supposed to be training for war? It is just ridiculous” he added. “If I was going to start a breeding-ground for terrorists in America I would politcize and ostracize the American Muslim community, turn them into the ‘other’ and then foment hatred and fear of them – so I wish the Republican party well in their efforts” concluded Himar.

Al-Qaeda operative Abul Himar believes the ground zero mosque is not suitable for recruitment for a number of reasons including lack of facility for monkey bar training courses.

Himar was on a layover in NYC when the controversy erupted. He plans to travel across America to attend several gun shows where he could purchase weapons to ship back to his home base in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan. “Great thing about gun shows is no background check needed – a real lifesaver for people in my line of work” he explained.

Newt Gingrich, the would be-Republican presidential candidate who has come out strongly against building the mosque, dismissed the statements by Himar as double-speak. “He is lying, this mosque will serve as a recruitment center for terrorists” said Gingrich to reporters. In an op-ed published earlier today in the Wall Street Journal, Gingrich elaborated his views on the mosque, “As long as I continue to poll well amongst potential Republican candidates for president in 2012, I will continue to stoke the fires of fear and hatred that will help mobilize my base” he explained. Later in the essay, he addressed accusations that his views were bigoted or racist, “When I was speaker of the House I was harshly critical of then President Clinton for carrying on an affair while at the exact same time taking part in an adulterous relationship of my own. If you think there is anything I will not say or do for power, or that I have even a shred of moral integrity left, then you simply do not know me well enough. You may call me views racist, but I consider them opportunistic” he concluded.