Muslims Celebrate 9/11 Attacks with Festivals, Merrymaking

Posted on September 9, 2010


EP: NYC – Muslims across America will celebrate the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with a series of festivals this coming Saturday. While the events happen to coincide with the Eid holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting and prayer observed by Muslims around the world, noted Shariah expert and Islamic scholar Pamela Geller believes that this years celebrations are spear-headed by radicals within the Muslim community who seek to revel in the deaths of thousands of Americans  that took place almost a decade ago.

Pamela Geller is convinced that events like this Muslim family day are actually celebrations reveling in the deaths of Americans on 9/11

According to Muslim tradition, the end of Ramadan is a festive occasion  where Muslims visit family, friends and relatives to mark the holiday. It is also customary for families to distribute alms to the poor. However, Ms. Geller is not convinced that this will be a typical holiday weekend.

“I am not saying that all Muslims are radicals, just the ones that would dare to be joyous and happy this upcoming weekend. I hope to expose this radical segment of the community who take advantage of our freedoms by dancing in the streets while the rest of America mourns this tragic day.” Geller was particularly incensed by the rampant terror financing she anticipates in the lead up to the event. “I think we will see a lot money exchanging hands in the next few days, and I do hope our intelligence networks are being vigilant” added Geller. Muslims are encouraged to give money to the poor, especially before the end of Ramadan.

Geller is not the only Islam expert concerned about the upcoming celebrations. Noted Islamic scholar and academic Robert Spencer shares many of Geller’s concerns. “Muslim-Americans who have parties on the 9/11 anniversary are no different than the terrorists who attacked us nine years ago” he argued. “Their celebrations are tantamount to spitting on the graves of those who died. I cannot stand them enjoying themselves in this country.” Spencer also warns employers not to approve of any official holidays for the event for fear of validating Shariah or Islamic law. “It is what they want, start with an official holiday the next thing you know we are having our hands cut off for theft” he warned.

A recent appearance by Geller on the Fox News cable show “Fox and Friends” prompted a discussion on how these celebrations could manifest themselves. Brian Kilmeade, a co-host of the show, raised several possible scenarios. “Imagine if there was a Muslim festival on 9/11 where the cake at the party had the image of the burning towers on it? How offensive would that be? Muslims eating a cake of the twin towers going up in smoke on 9/11. Not that that actually happened anywhere, but it could happen … just sayin” he added.