Helen Thomas Still Waiting for $2 million Offer from Fox News

Posted on October 22, 2010


EP: NYC – Helen Thomas, a former member of the White House Press corps whose career in journalism spanned almost six decades, spent the day waiting by the phone for a call from Fox News. “It only makes sense, I mean if they are nice enough to give Juan a second chance and a $2 million pay day, why not me?”

Here Helen Thomas is seen celebrating her birthday with President Obama. Thomas has not heard from Obama recently.

Thomas unceremoniously retired June 7th of this year following overwhelmingly negative reactions to a series of comments she made about Israel and its occupation of Palestine. Thomas’ perceived anti-Israeli views set off a firestorm of controversy which ultimately ended her more than half-century career.

Thomas was referring to Juan Williams, the former NPR news analyst who was recently fired by the public broadcasting company for perceived anti-Muslim comments. Within hours of his dismissal from NPR, Williams was offered a $2 million job at Fox News. “Roger Ailes said he hired Juan because  he respected him as a journalist and wanted to give him his right to free speech, so I figure its only a matter of time before he asks me to speak freely on Fox News as well” said Thomas, who remained seated on a couch by her classic rotary-style phone.

While Thomas remains optimistic that she will get a call, some media analysts are not as convinced. “Helen Thomas does not really fit their narrative” said Jeff Andrews, a communications specialist for Gallup “I think the only way she would get any coverage on Fox is if they could somehow link her to the Nazi party.” When asked about the difference between the Williams and Thomas, Andrews responded “Helen’s side of this argument does not quite pay as much, just ask Octavia Nasr.”

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