US Strategy to Promote Democracy in Middle East Hijacked by Actual Movement for Democracy

Posted on February 5, 2011


EP: Washington – As the Obama administration struggles to gain its footing amidst a series of protests unfolding across Egypt and the larger Middle East, many within the administration are expressing concern that an actual democratic movement is derailing official US policy for promoting democracy in the region. One administration insider who spoke on condition of anonymity because he did not want to be perceived as hypocritical said “Our policy for the last few decades consisted of talking about democratic reform while actually doing everything possible to maintain the status quo, it was a perfect scenario that allowed us to pursue our interests while simultaneously maintaining our lofty principles.”

Newly appointed Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman congratulates Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on bulldozing several Palestinian homes.

However, some within the administration see an opportunity to satisfy protester demands without actually changing the underlying political situation in the country. “We like this guy Omar Suleiman” said the official referring to the newly appointed Vice President, close confidant of Mubarak and potential future President, “I think we could get along with him just fine.” Suleiman is well known to American and Israeli officials for running their rendition and torture operations inside Egypt. “This also means a likely return of soaring and eloquent rhetoric for democratic reform in the Middle East from our President” he added.

Speaking to the nation earlier today, President Obama sought to calm the fears of Israeli diplomats and oil executives by assuring them US policy towards the troubled nation and the region will not change that much,  “Just like our children deserve that we do everything we can to make sure America lives up to their expectations” echoing his well received Arizona speech, “America deserves a new Egyptian government that allows us to pursue our interests in the region without having to worry about Egyptian citizens rioting in the streets.” Obama concluded by condemning violence in all its forms.