Trump Channels Racism in Bid for Presidency

Posted on April 26, 2011


EP: New York – Real estate mogul turned TV personality Donald Trump is mounting an improbable run for the White House and claims to have a winning campaign strategy that will get thim there. “There are still a lot of racist people in America who are afraid to say racist things” explained Trump to reporters “what I am doing is giving them a voice and in turn building a political base for my candidacy.” Trump is of course referring to his recent attacks on President Obama that include  publicly investigating his place of birth and more recently, doubting whether Obama was qualified to be admitted to Ivy League schools. The President graduated from both Columbia and Harvard.

Donald Trump explains to reporters that by embracing racism as political platform, he will appeal to large numbers of racist voters.

“Look, lets be honest. I don’t have any facts to back up my claims” said Trump, “but it doesn’t really matter because when I say Obama is not qualified to get into an Ivy League school, I am channeling votes from all the white people who are bitter about not getting into Ivy League schools and want to blame the Black guy who took their spot because of affirmative action. Obama is that Black guy that took your spot at Harvard even through he didnt deserve it.” Trump further clarified his statement, “There are a lot of people out there who think there is no way a black person can get into an Ivy League school based on merit. I am one of those people.”

Trump’s popularity has soared amongst Republican hopefuls. He credits his no-nonsense business instincts and natural political skill. “I am popular because I am openly  hostile towards Barack Obama not because he is a democrat, but because he is Black” stated Trump. Even Republican strategists believe this is the key to Trumps unprecedented popularity amongst prospective Republicans voters. Fred Jones, a political consultant for the Republican National Committee, argues that Trump has broken through to the Republican base “by establishing racism as a political platform.” He explained that while most other candidates continue to “tip-toe” around the issue, Trump “succeeds because he is not afraid to address the latent racism of the Republican base by embracing it and celebrating it as an important part of American patriotism.”

Trump, who inherited his real esate business from his father, remains a long-shot candidate but continues to draw notice from the voting public. “This country is not majority minorty yet” added Trump.