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Trump Channels Racism in Bid for Presidency

April 26, 2011


EP: New York – Real estate mogul turned TV personality Donald Trump is mounting an improbable run for the White House and claims to have a winning campaign strategy that will get thim there. “There are still a lot of racist people in America who are afraid to say racist things” explained Trump to reporters “what I am doing is […]

Saudis Contemplate Golden Arches Over Kaaba

November 15, 2010


EP: Mecca -After building the world’s largest clock tower over looking the city of Mecca, the holy sanctuary of over 1.4 billion Muslim worldwide, Saudi officials are contemplating establishing the  world’s largest set of “McDonalds Golden Arches .” The arches would span from the east side of the city over the Kaaba and be completed […]

Waleed Bin Talal Laments Lack of Muslim Influence in US Media Corporations

September 1, 2010


EP: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – As the mosque controversy in New York City continues to garner attention from major US media outlets, one wealthy Saudi billionaire, Prince AlWaleed Bin Talal, is lamenting the lack of influence Muslims have in shaping the discourse. “Its really unfortunate” he explained to reporters at one of his construction sites, […]

BP Seeks to Charge Clean-Up Crews for Recovered Oil

May 21, 2010


EP: Baton Rouge – In the oil infested toxic swamp now surrounding his house in southern Louisiana, George Jones methodically scoops a bucket full of oil into a makeshift tank. “It has been a tough past couple weeks” he said, struggling to capture the oily residues that  contaminates his property, “lost my job, my property is […]

Goldman Sachs Shorts Goldman Stock, Offsets Losses

May 1, 2010


EP: NYC – Goldman Sachs remains at the forefront of financial alchemy by establishing a system whereby it is impossible for the company to lose money. “We have always been innovators in the field of finance” said Goldman CEO LLoyd Blankfein, “but when some of my top guys came to me with this one, I […]

Health Insurance Executives Breathe Sigh of Relief as Bankers Defraud Nation

April 25, 2010


EP: NYC- After weeks of garnering headlines for withholding medical care from sick, dying and otherwise desperate Americans, health insurance executives breathed a sigh of relief today. Wall Street bankers recently began drawing a majority of the media’s attention, spurred by recent fraud allegations leveled against Goldman Sachs by the SEC.  James O’Connor, a senior communications executive at a large health insurance company he would rather […]

Financial Industry Lobbies Congress for New Banker’s Protection Agency

March 4, 2010


EP: NYC – Lost in the populist uproar over securing consumer’s rights, a group of bankers in NYC have formed a new association called Human Rights for Bankers (HRB). HRB is currently lobbying congress for the establishment of a new federal agency that will protect the basic rights of bankers from growing populist outrage. “We […]