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1,027 Palestinian Prisoners Released for Gilad Shalit Do Not Have Names

October 19, 2011


EP: Jerusalem – Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier held captive by Hamas  since 2006, was released on October 18th in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners who have no names. At a press conference in Gaza city, a number of the recently released prisoners addressed the issue in front of a handful of reporters. “We realize that by […]

US Strategy to Promote Democracy in Middle East Hijacked by Actual Movement for Democracy

February 5, 2011


EP: Washington – As the Obama administration struggles to gain its footing amidst a series of protests unfolding across Egypt and the larger Middle East, many within the administration are expressing concern that an actual democratic movement is derailing official US policy for promoting democracy in the region. One administration insider who spoke on condition […]

Attorney General Eric Holder Conducts “Sting” Operation at Muslim Charity Event

December 11, 2010


EP: San Francisco – Attorney General Eric Holder courted controversy at a charity dinner held by Muslim Advocates,  a national legal-advocacy and civil rights group,   when he “entrapped” and arrested several Muslim audience members in a sting operation during the evenings proceedings. Holder was initially greeted by the 300-person audience of Muslim civic leaders with […]

UN Gaza Flotilla Report Demonstrates that Forensic Evidence is Anti-Semitic

October 1, 2010


EP: Jeruslaem – A report released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) revealed conclusive forensic evidence that Israeli soldiers summarily executed several Turkish and American civilians during a raid on a Gaza flotilla earlier this year. The shocking revelations have led many in Congress and the US government to question whether […]

US Military Contemplates Ghana Invasion in Wake of World Cup Loss

June 27, 2010


EP: Pentagon – United States military officials were summoned for an emergency meeting at the Pentagon the evening to June 26th immediately following a heart-breaking 2-1 US loss to Ghana in the first elimination round of the World Cup tournament. While details about the meeting were not made available to the public, sources inside the […]

AIPAC Lashes Out at Obama for Supporting US Interests in Middle East

March 16, 2010


EP: Washington DC – The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, lashed out against the Obama administration for rhetoric that was “clearly in the interests of the United States.” David Victor, the current president of the group, held a press conference today in which he said “we don’t pay these people to talk about […]

Financial Industry Lobbies Congress for New Banker’s Protection Agency

March 4, 2010


EP: NYC – Lost in the populist uproar over securing consumer’s rights, a group of bankers in NYC have formed a new association called Human Rights for Bankers (HRB). HRB is currently lobbying congress for the establishment of a new federal agency that will protect the basic rights of bankers from growing populist outrage. “We […]