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1,027 Palestinian Prisoners Released for Gilad Shalit Do Not Have Names

October 19, 2011


EP: Jerusalem – Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier held captive by Hamas  since 2006, was released on October 18th in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners who have no names. At a press conference in Gaza city, a number of the recently released prisoners addressed the issue in front of a handful of reporters. “We realize that by […]

Helen Thomas Still Waiting for $2 million Offer from Fox News

October 22, 2010


EP: NYC – Helen Thomas, a former member of the White House Press corps whose career in journalism spanned almost six decades, spent the day waiting by the phone for a call from Fox News. “It only makes sense, I mean if they are nice enough to give Juan a second chance and a $2 […]

CNN Hires Vegetative Corpse of Ariel Sharon to Replace Octavia Nasr

July 9, 2010


EP: Atlanta – In what is considered a bold, unorthodox move to improve the news network’s credibility, CNN has officially hired Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli Prime Minister, to be its Senior Middle East correspondent replacing 20-year veteran Octavia Nasr. Nasr was fired earlier this week for expressing  respect for Hassan Fadlallah, a shiite religious […]

Tiger Woods Adopts Palestine as his Celebrity Cause, Palestinians Disappointed

April 7, 2010


EP: Hebron- On a regular day you might find Ramzi Hasan in better spirits. The 19 year old Palestinian  lived in Hebron most of his life, and despite decades of brutal occupation by the Israelis, was a relative optimist when it came to the future of his people. However, the announcement earlier today by Tiger […]

AIPAC Lashes Out at Obama for Supporting US Interests in Middle East

March 16, 2010


EP: Washington DC – The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, lashed out against the Obama administration for rhetoric that was “clearly in the interests of the United States.” David Victor, the current president of the group, held a press conference today in which he said “we don’t pay these people to talk about […]

Impressionable Young Muslim Finds Source for Misplaced Rage

December 28, 2009


EP: NYC – Aziz Ali, a young college-aged hipster, informed his Facebook friends today via email that he is dissatisfied with the state of the world.  Ali, who was writing from his parent’s home in Manhattan’s upper eastside, remained disillusioned with what he perceives as gross “injustice” against Muslims.  “You of course have Chechnya and Kashmir” he explained while […]